Crokinole board closeup

Crokinole Carrom

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A crokinole board Crokinole is a board game that was probably invented in the 1860s or 1870s somewhere in either Canada or the northern United States. The game is played on a round wooden board with a recessed center hole that is protected by pegs. The object of the game is to score points by flicking wooden discs at the center hole. There have been many rules variations throughout the years, and even today not everyone plays by the same rules. We have provided here our version of the rules of crokinole.

We build crokinole boards as a hobby, and we sell them at modest prices so that we have cash to make more. Each one is a single artistic creation in itself, and we would get bored if we made duplicates. You can see most of the boards we have made and sold in our crokinole-gallery. If you would like to buy one from us, check out our current inventory.

Some folks have thought about building their own board and would like some ideas on how to begin. With that in mind, we have created a series of web pages that show how we build a crokinole board from start to finish. The pages probably make the job appear intimidating, but it's how we do it, and we have had some time to polish our methods. If you use them as guidelines and not as a blueprint, you should do just fine. If you search the internet for "crokinole plans", you probably will find other instruction sets that may be less intimidating.

There are several other crokinole resources on the internet that you should check out besides us. You might do an internet search on "crokinole" to find some interesting locations. If you want to buy an inexpensive, introductory crokinole board, then try and search for "crokinole." This should whet your appetite for a nice board. If you need accessories, try Mr. Crokinole. If you want a good powder to speed up your board, check out Charis Games. Finally, if you want to discuss crokinole with other players, then you should read the yahoo crokinole newsgroup. Both of us participate in the group along with a whole bunch of other fans.